Monday, March 10, 2008

The impact of Election 2008, Malaysia

Barisan National (BN) suffered a big impact after losing its 2/3 majority in Parliament. This is the first time since 1969, by losing four states to the opposition, added up to the total of five now (Selangor, Penang, Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu).

"Voters punished the coalition for rising inflation and its mishandling of racial tensions, leading to a backlash from minority ethnic Chinese and Indians as well as Malays who form its powerbase." from malaysiakini news

Majority of malaysian were just in time to speak up during the 12th general election for their rights.

On the other hand, Pak Lah will not resign, he will continue to rule the BN and he will seek the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to witness him to swear as Prime Minister.

“I give you my word, ladies and gentlemen, that I will continue my efforts to strengthen Umno and Barisan Nasional, to launch the manifesto that we have promised so that our country will be safe, peaceful and properous (selamat, aman dan makmur),” source from thestar online

Our ex- 4th Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir commented that it was his mistake to have chosen Pak Lah to continue his job. "I think he should accept responsibility for this. He should accept 100 percent responsibility" & "I am sorry, but I apparently made the wrong choice." source from malaysiakini

For me, putting a blame on the current problem now is definitely a no No. Dr Mahathis is not wrong, so did Pak Lah too. The most important thing is to solve the problem now. Stepping down might be a choice, but is it a right choice?

So the biggest challenge for Pak Lah now is to form a new government under the BN, a temporary alliance of 14 race-based parties including ethnic Chinese and Indian parties. Good luck.

Another general impact after election would be our currency exchange rates. Several months before election, malaysia currency has raised and the exchange rates between great britain GBP and Ringgit Malaysia RM is around 1 GBP to Rm 6.32. Today is just the 2nd day after 12th general election. Here is a good site to check currency exchange rates - Universal Currency Converter. Take a look at today's exchange rates :


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