Friday, March 14, 2008

last time snowing in glasgow

It was on 6th of March that glasgow snowed once again and the snow was left on the ground for sometime before it melted.

BBC Glasgow weather forecast was accurate this time.

It did snow abit during 2am. But that did not amaze any of us. At 7am, Smiin woke me up because he knew that i missed the first time. Thks! But nothing impress me that morning.

I slept for another hour. Later, i grabbed my breakfast back to my room and when i opened the shield of my windows, it started to snow again. This time i witnessed the whole process. From nothing to something to heavily snowing.

When Jian awake later, he called us to go out and play together.

And thanks to uncle lim who captured these pics..

Human being can be really creative. Someone made 2 snowman and put on dressing for them!!! woooohooOoo!

I didnt have time to play during the first snow in glasgow, so i took this second/last chance to have some fun with darren.

And finally, a 'jump shot' with hsemates!

Lau wee yeaw, where are you ohhh?

Itu dia. With darren posing with the snow couples!

That was the time when it last snowed in Glasgow. Spring is coming in 6 days time. Lets welcome SPRING.

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