Thursday, March 06, 2008

Finally GG, one gao dim! :)

I printed my cpp essay half an hour ago with hs. :)


One essay is done. 2more to go!

Meeting The angel on feedback for research project tomorrow = more work to do for research project besides the 2 x 3k words pharm care essay.

Gonna take a break.

How about a holiday trip?


oh ya, first episode of malaysiandreamgirls is out!!! actually not really first episode larh, just some clips about auditions lorh.

For me, it didnt turn up as what they expected, 2 episodes of malaysian dreamgirls on 6th of march, nah... essay to do = happie happie :)


CPP ESSAY - GG-ied, officially.


~ming~ said...

gahh!! jealous!!!

I'm still not done with my CPP yet!!


ti3nD said...

haha. gambateh bah! sure can hand up on time wan :P