Thursday, April 05, 2007

hehe.. im BACK!!!

hey guys.. im back to blogging!! i wana blog so much since last week!!! i couldnt not because i was busy or lazy to blog afta my exams, but because i couldnt log in to the blogger page!! N i was jus trying my luck now afta finished watching a movie in mid valley, and i succeeded, so here i m, to blog!! ;)

watched the hitcher premier jus now with my loved one... it was really a good movie for me, a nice plus terrifying one, make ur adrenaline level pump up, cant stop thinking about it after the movie, even now when im writing my blog.... hmmm.. enuf of suspense dy??? the movie is about a real psycho hitchhiker who bumps into a couple n turns their so called 'journey to meet friends' into a real nightmare!! not gona reveal much here..Go watch the movie with someone who has a pair of big arms for u to hide urself!!!! trust me, its worth! and guys, the moral of the story, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE TOO EASILY, sometimes under certain situations, even if u are forced to lend a helping hand to others, pls learn to say NO k? because in the end u are the one who might be the target for the psychos out there!

a bowl of shanghai spicy sliced pork noodles from kim garry is enuf for two, trust me! :P

a lil bit of updates of the current me! ummm... i finished my sem5 EOS last thurs, feel so relieved afta evything! thou im a lil worried about my results, esp. biopharm n pp2...pray that things turn out nicely n i get to transfer as part of p105.. basically now starting to rush doing convo magazine with wmeng, v are trying to finish evything in 2wks time! wish us luck! will update...

went makan @ yuen's steamboat in subang last thurs.. affordable price n nice food ther! a wise choice for steamboat! ;)

makan @ rendezvous, cheras on fri.. cheap n v.nice steak n other western food! accidentally bumped into adam n his wife, wat a small world man! lolz..

sing k @ green box, sungai wang! rm8.50 for infinity drink n titbits, plus a full 4 hrs of singing k session was enuf man.. thks hsheong! ;P


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