Wednesday, April 18, 2007

damn* hosp attachment!

18/4 - tues

Another day in the hosp was over. Im not relieved at all and im so sick with it dy. Others said that the first day wil be the toughest, but for me it is getting worst day by day. Getting stucked in the lrt was way too terible! I had serious headache today and i feel guilty to have left darren alone to do all the things. Miss Au is a nice pharmacist but she has too much to say. Hope i can get enough of sleep tonight so that i can have full attention in the hospital tomorrow!

After a long stop from my running journey since last mizuno run, i went for orange run with my dear dear n family last sunday. We started at the curve, and we ran to mutiara damansara, kota damansara, and passed kbu and 1U before going back to the an orange bagpack and cert upon finishing..(copied from my loved one) lolz. I wasnt feeling right that morning, threw up after about 2km of running but i still managed to finsih the run with my loved one in the end :P

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