Wednesday, April 18, 2007

1st day of hospital attachement!

17 April

p105 EOS results supposed to be released at 5pm yesterday but they were delayed due to technical problems? when will it be released????

there is a rumour from benny, saying that 5 ppl failed biopharm n 3ppl failed DD3.. OMG! the fears n nightmares during sem4 reappear again! bless that it is merely just a rumour and evybody pass sem5!

First day of hosp attachment in HKL was okay..fortunately or unfortunately, the pharmacist incharge was absent.. there wasnt alot of work to do but a day in the hospital wasnt easy at all! hope that evything will go smoothly in the few coming days.

my dear dear went back to bpee dy today! will be missing her alot for the coming 9days!! jia you in ur studies ar k.. *muacks u;)


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