Saturday, April 21, 2007

sem EOS results!!!

21 Apr, Fri

Sem 5 EOS results were finally released today at 10am. I managed to make my way back to imu to get the results after my hosp. attachment. Fri was another bad day for me. i felt uneasy in the ward, in the end rested outside the ward after ms. chan allowed me to do so. Students are expected to know evything about the differences between asthma, diebetes, n hypertension drugs when they are in a ward. The discussion dragged for almost 2hrs long,and i forget almost evything that they said after the discussion. However the easy-to-remember ABCD drugs for hypertension drew a smile from our face. After the long discussion, Amir n I dashed from the hospital to titiwangsa station because we were told that AAD will be closed by 3.30pm. Amir is actually a good runner! lolz.

Arrived at AAD on time, hold my results slip, signed n walked up to the 3rd floor, called my loved one n i shared the results with her! DD2 - ?? , Biopharm - ???, DD3 - ????, Pp2 - ?????
at least i scored better in my sem5 as compared to sem4..lolz... hurrrRaaay i passed! ;)

* Im damn sick of hosp attachment dy!! I lost my concentration through out the 4days n days just passed so fast in me that i might hav overlooked my loved ones! hope that mon will be an easy day, if and only if we skip the meeting between both ms.chan and us for another long n tiring discussion on our long cases!!! @__@

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