Tuesday, February 28, 2006

p106 orientation!!!!!

~ meeting with juniors day ~

20 feb - 26 feb


Programmes :
20feb - Halloween Day + MTVs Performances
21feb - War of the Worlds Day + Treasure Hunt
22feb - Cross-Dressing Day - Celebrities
23feb - The 70's + Detective Game
24feb - Prisoner's Day + Telematch
25feb - Closing Nite - Party Time

I was ultimately busy during orientation week!! With only ~6 hrs sleep daily, stil managed to survive as one senior like others.. definitely missed orientation sooooo much, is there anymore orientation coming that would involve p106????? This year juniors aren't that sporting compare to my year, so many of them were absent on the last two days, some were so rude when they asked for signature from the seniors, some were not willing to join the 'fun' n gave troubles to the comittees... !!! But of course the majority are sporting juniors, they are willing to be 'tortured', they are willing to hav 'fun'.. hahaha... well done, welcome to IMU, my beloved juniorsssss :>

As a result of consequncely late nite activites, many of the juniors as well as the seniors got sick :( hope u guys manage to shoooooooooo the unwanted flu, cough, body aching, fewer, sorethroat far far away... recover soon ya all :P (its normal to lose your voice during the last nite, last year i did!)

Treasure Hunt Day :

Yet more nice pics...

~ my boss being carried by juniors as a task... !~

~ the supa spicy sausage slices that will make juniors remember for life...! o.O~

~ with all de so called Sakais ~

~ the toilet-roll-wrapped mummy on day 1 ~

~ dunno wat monster is this??? a sea lion??? ~

~ the best alien dressed out on 2nd day ~

~ the best dress of colonel sander, KFC guy ~

~ hseong n kwern performing singing on the stage ~

~ yeaw performing his favourit.. my humps ~

~ Jian playing black jack with 'hot shi lai' gp.. if u win, straight away sign,

if u lose, liquid one comitte signature.. ahahha :P

~ watermelon as hat?? with minimei during telematch day ~

~ with de most sporting group > Sambayeh!!! yeah u guys rockS!!!! ~

~ cute drawing of comittees by 'kiss my ass' :P ~~ a closer look!!! ~

~ bbq nitez with the nice scoreboard ~

~ with char siew bao gp ~


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