Sunday, February 05, 2006

cho 4 @ gua tempurung

2 feb

spent the first half day @ gua tempurung @ gopeng, perak!!

finished the grand tour @ gua tempurung with dad, mum, grandpa, kok hoo n zhuon!!! a total spent of 4 hrs in the exciting cave! it is really fun n dangerous too be in the cave, without the light from a torchlight is totally dark inside the cave! after climbing of hundreds over steps staircase of up n down, climbing up n down the rock, sliding down the slope, jumping down a cave hole, passing under a very small opening by crawing, walking, running inside the water... it would be very challenging, exciting, n dangerous!!! therfore, it is not recommended for old ppl n children!

my grandpa, with the age of 77, did finished the route with lots of assitance!!! this could just hav make another history @ gua tempurung!
~ that is where v are heading into... ~
after dinner at home, went One U with sis, bro, kok hoo n kok seng.. 4 guys played pool while my 2 sis queueing for movie tickets.. v watched 'The shopaholics' at 10pm.. really enjoy the movie, although quite nonsense, but very funny, laugh all the way!! hseong n aunty were there too, but i didnt realised, cos he msg me later at nite.. review on nex journay entry..
today is jus another exciting new year day! :P

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