Tuesday, February 07, 2006

vb red party, CNY reunion :P

6 feb

hav had a reunion dinner with vb tonite @ vista... hmm.. this is a special one as all the dishes n evything were prepared by vb members... v (jian, qris, vyeaw, adam n me.. went to shop for cooking stuffs at carefour at 4+.. caught 2 live keli fish, which costs rm 1.50 each.. haha.. so cheap!! v started to cook at 5.30pm, out main chefts today are vyeaw, adam n jian!!! :O

evy1 is busy doing their part.. below are some pics of preparing tonite's jing xun food :P
vyeaw, being the most san fu cheft, hav cook 3 dishes - chicken, pork n vegi( he is the best!!...) while adam did mi hun with kou rou, jian steam fish, qris made jelly, hseong bou rice, kim made nuggets...

~these are the complete menu fir tonite's dinner, greatttttttttt!!!!~

(from L-R - vyeaw's fried vegi, qris's xiong hei lam mun jelly {milo n orange}, vyeaw's shao rou, the raw mihun, complete menu, adam's bi hun with kou(pork) rou, jian tai tong xiu tong fish, lou sang mixed, vyeaw soup chicken)

v got our dishes ready by 7.30pm, started of with lou sang.. lou lou lou, lou dou fung san shui hei, lou dou all also go stratchlyhe, health+ welthy+happie forever.... cheers with sparkling juice... did finished all dishes, except for white rice.. finish eatingby 8.30, den started to play cards n mahjong...

Hav had a vb gp pic b4 leaving :P hang out ther till 11+, realised neva finished report yet, hseong copying while i save it im thumbdrive.. haha.. reach home b4 12pm.. hehe definitely a good reunion day!!!!

~all also ang ang ang, very nice pics~

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