Saturday, February 04, 2006

cameron highland!

30 n 31st Jan

My family n I make ourway to cameron highland by bus.. this is the first time i truly explore cameron.. it is still alrite on the way up to cameron.. went through the north-south highway, exit at tapah in perak n make the way up.. stopped at tanah rata for lunch.. den hav a second stop at famous temple, 'sam bao dian'..

next, stopped at cactus valley.. with hundreds of interesting, nice looking cactus there... as well as with strawberry, grape n apple tree there...

then, hav a short rest at jasmine hotel at brinchiang.. the weather here is supa nice!!! ITS SO COOL!!!!! no air-con, no fan, but it is very cold!! one weird thing is most of the shop here serve steamboata s dinner..

hav steamboat as dinner at nearby shop, the foods ther......... terrible lar!!! not nice at all.. !! complain complain!~!!!!!~~!@#!@#$

at nite, hav a long walk at the nite market here... v bought lots of junk foods as supper later... things are selling at a lower price at this night market compare to other places.. eg, 3 cactus for rm10 at cactus valley, n 6 for rm10 at night market!! :O others like strawberry, clothes, decoration stuffs are selling at reasonable price... flowers selling really cheap cheap cheap here!!! :P

~with my new cap.. aiyah.. didnt really can see lar!~

after supper at hotel, grandpa, grandma. dad, mum, sistas n young cousin all go pig liao..

left zhuon , kok hoo, kok seng n me.. v went nearby mamak yam cha.. went back hotel after short while, jus to get into a long pants + extra shirts cos outside too cold!!!!! haha.. v hang out at the mamak till 2.30mornig, being the last customer before the sau tong.. hehe

nex morning got to wake up at 6.30, hav wan tan mee at nextdoor, packed n left the hotel..

nex location is to the rose valley, with 200 species of diff roses... can pick me the nicest species??

after that, to the strawberry farm.. hav seen the way of palnting starwberry.. hydrofolic... den to the bee farm to see how is honey is being prodeuced!...

Then, on the way back, visited the 'ghost pool', wher it was a 'timah' mining palce last time..

and finally last stop at Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar, a waterfall..

it was a torture of coming down from cameron highland!!! althought the bus driver drove slow all the way down, but i was feeling so dizzy through out the way, one thing was in my mind that time "when are we reaching highway???", v were praying to reach the highway asap!!!

evy1 were feeling uneasy n dizzy when v stopped at the rest station at tapah, lucky to get back well after a short rest ther..

reach home at about 9pm n hav a late supper!

so overall, i wouldnt vote for cameron highland a second time, unless majority wins it.... besides the weather ther is supa nice, nothing much, but its good to see tons species of cactus, roses, strawberries ther if u haven seen it before... !!

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