Sunday, February 05, 2006

bai nian marathon with vbs on cho 6

3rd Feb

GATHERED with vbS, 9 out of 12 present, include qris, jian, joanne, vyeaw, kim, adam n wife(yin wei), hseong, darren n me for bai nian marathon today!! those who missed are tam ming(sabah), edmund (kepong) n' wmeng(penang), gonna hav it nex time, perhaps nex year or soon???

first stop at a chu ma's hse(joanne) @ sg long
2nd by qris @ sg long
3rd follwed by kim@ kajang
4th by darren @taman sea
5th by tien @ taman sea
6th by hseong @sunway
7th @ klang for dinner, missed to go adam's hse cos too late liao...

from hses to hses, colleting ang pauS, hav snacks n drink from door to door, watching mtvs/video, playing cinami, gamble...

while on the way back to home with darren, i asked him to tell his mum that i was unable to fetch him back on that day, becuase it had already passed 12!!

then, another excitement continued at home.. kok hoo, koo seng, zhuon n me gamble from 1 till 5.30am!!! haha.. suggested to go for dim sum that morning, but then all prefered to go to bed after having a light snacks.. Zzzz

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