Friday, January 27, 2006

Review on THE WIG

Star Ratings:

Overall -0.5 star
Cast - 2 stars
Plot - 1 star
Effects - 3 stars
Cinematography - 2 stars

Honestly, “The Wig” is nothing new. It is yet another Asian horror movie which fails to live up to the expectations of horror fans. Not only are we getting more and more bored with the Asian horror movies recycled ideas (Let’s face it, how many times do we need to be scared by haunted inanimate objects?), we’re also greatly disappointed by the lack of effort to make a horror flick which is more out-of-the-box.

I am not sure if you’ll be able to follow the story as the editing is quite bad. I barely catch up with the story line... You may get confused with all the flashbacks that don’t really mix with the story’s development. Furthermore, a lack of character development plus a monotonous storyline makes “The Wig” a crying shame if you compare it to better horror flicks such as “Ju-on” and “The Ring”.

one thing weird was vyeaw keep laughing throughout the movie, sumtime with jian, though it was a horror movie, then contagius to the whole row of us.. luckily we were seated on the last row...

Basically, “The Wig” is an effort put to waste. haiiizthh... a total waste of 7 bucks in the cinema!!!!

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