Saturday, January 07, 2006

orientation detective game shooting....

6 jan

today got myself up at 6.35am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah am, though today only ha one only lecture of malaysian studies... totally crap!! but ther is sumthing interesting...

meet the rest of members infront IMU at 7.30, supposed to be that time, but malaysian timing.. haioiizith.. edmund last to arrive at almost 7.55..
went to 'sumwhere', the amazon jungle to take video... the experience of DIRECTING video is damn great... experince of seeing the members to behave during their shooting can be a very good laughter...

video shooting session ended at about 12.30pm, with hardwork of roughly 4.30hours.. expecting a great job done... very very very looking fwd to playback the shooting, one form su ann n another from wei li, then very very very berry berry berry verry verry very looking fwd to edit n see the final outcome too..

will only show the final product during days of orientation for surprise.. hehe..

~the actors n' actresses for detective game 06'~

Edmond:"kim, wake up!!!!!!!"

~the poor sue choo is dead!!~

~adam trying be as cool as the japenese~

~joey helping sue choo to fa zhong(make up)~

~the full video comittess (vyuen n' su ann missing)~

~wmeng as video coordinator help to make up kim... ~

hav a short celebration with shu ning n frens, for her 20th bd at food A after class...
"Happie 20th birthday shu ning!~"
went tkd at nite, teaching 5 yrs kids can make me vomit blood one day.. hope not lar.. anyhow ,stil hav to luv them all time, kids mah...

**thks cousin benny finally got me new router after for like 5 dyas.... damn happy to get to online again.. ahha :P **

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