Sunday, January 15, 2006

gathering with 'really old lost frenZ'

15 jan~

Hav a gathering with old standard 6 buddies at one U.. met with lip zhun, bor yow, joanne, melisa, timothy, yik han, rue han n' jian lun... i hope i spelt u guys name correctly.. haha.. one thing i very 'nei jiu' was that i totally cant recognise some of them!!!! quite regret of missing the last 2 hang outs years ago... hehe.. anyway hav a long chat with them, wow all future proffesionals de(got doc, dentist, few engineers, pharm, acturial science... yesterday got to meet up with ken ling, another primary mate during tkd in KBU! :O till v hang out another time... will neva forget u guys wun..!!

11pm ~
damn sad.. forget to do revision since thursday.. paiseh ler... tomolo got workshop at 9, cham :(

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