Friday, January 06, 2006

Tkd Party nitez 05’


There will be a party in tonite’s tkd class.. this is the first party being held in the 6 years of tkd in DMAG… it is a end year party +6 years anniversary of dmag!!!

Being quite busy this noon wrapping the small wonderful presents for de party!

Today we really hav a short class… class started late at 8.15 due to heavy traffic (heavy rain + pre-new year’s eve road closed) n ended at about 8,50pm :P Then hav sum group pics taking.. the complete group pic is not taken because there are stil at least 10 students missing.. party started at 9.10 with the request of evy1 to blow one balloon!

Then v took pics again, while the balloons are kept for further uses…

1st starting of with ice-breaker, then v hav ‘makaning’, then hav ‘lucky number + punishments’ game, limbo rock, makan again, n finally ended with Macarena dance.. party ended at about 11.30pm n v ‘sapu’ most of the leftover snacks + doing cleanup =(

It was considered a successful party n it shall be held annually if evything goes well :PpPp

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