Friday, May 01, 2009

Happie burfdayS

Firstly, Happy belated 24th's burfday to lau wee yeaw

Last year, we had a big celebration in glasgow. This year, i missed to celebrate his birthday. Vyeaw, did you get my birthday msg?

MUST see - vyeaw's 21st burfday

Next, happy 25th birthday to Zhi Yang! I makan dinner with this guy almost every working day!

Itu bukan zhi yang, that is choon sen and lee fern.

The birthday cake from Lavender.

Station 1 @ Jalan Serampang -

And this is zhi yang - the cool guy who doesnt (seldom) smile when take picture.

Last but not least, it was the birthday celebration for adam and myself.

Birthday cake from Season.

We tried the sze chuan spicy steamboat near taman pelangi(ma la huo guo).

You shall judge teh spicyness of the soup here.

Happy 24th burfday to Adam (the boss/the god) and happy 23rd burfday to myself.

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