Friday, May 01, 2009

ADV - Webhosting

What is web hosting? webhosting is a service which allows customers to share their websites on computer servers that are connected to the Internet 24/7. The main criterias that users are looking at will be speed, storage space, downtime and additional services. There are many different types of web hosting. Every web hosting will offer different packages and services at a different cost. Prices for web hosting vary from free to hundreds of dollars a year. Usually each web hosting comes with free domain registration and 30 days money back guarantee. Additional services include additional forms, bulletin boards, guest books and etc. For professional purposes, it usually includes commercial packages and business tools, such as point of sales packages and credit card processing.

It is important to read about webhosting reviews before choosing any particular webhosting. If you are interested, you can read the reviews here - The top ten favourite webhosting being reviewed were ImMotion, JustHost, WebHostingPad, Bluehost, FatCow, FatMonster, Globat, Lunarpages, GoDaddy and Yahoo.

ImMotion hosting offered their webhosting services and focused on both speed and economy. It uses Linux and Unix operating systems which are fast and reliable. In addition, continuos monitoring of unusual activity and benchmarked will ensure top performance. In other words, the webhosting service will be ready and economical at all times. It offeres unlimited space and unlimited traffic with an affordable price of $8.95 per month.

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