Sunday, May 04, 2008

happie burfday lau wee keat, eh no, lau wee yeaw part 1

There are too many pictures plus too many things to write about. Let me summarize them as below :

On 29th night, kah yee appeared with her ice-cream cake, plus the 30 of us were in the living room waiting for the burfday boy -lau wee keat, eh no, lau wee yeaw.

Later, we were asked to to play this 'all-tie-together-and-walking' game. for the first time, all 8 or actually 5 guys tried to walk at ONCE.

On the next day, we have a big potluck party.

And another cake baked by lim kah yee :

Later, they were both asked to sek sek :

Manatau, all the housemates of lau wee yeaw were involved in sek sek-ing oso

Happie burfday Lau wee yeaw :)

My pending post :
1) lau wee yeaw's burfday party part 2
2) earlier-surprise burfday party for ti3n, pei ling, adam and hazel
3) the many variety of cakes from future pharmacists

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