Wednesday, June 21, 2006

da starting of sem4.....

12 june

First day of sem4, very difficult to get up… with little motivation of schooling life again, rush to the class at 10.30am.. before that, got a cream cake from dad, and hide it at jian’s place edy.. kakaka ;)

Ermm afta a 5 wks break, really glad to see all my friends again today… bout lecturer, nahhhhh not miss them at all lar! Was a tired day of attending intro to pp n dd till 2.30pm… den came de English placement test at 2.45pm…. -_-“ total unprepared n not wanted to sit for da test ;/

Afta 2 hrs of exam torturing, I came out of da exam hall with big big sighhhh…. D test indeed was tough, lacking of time…

Next, hav had a post post post delayed bd celebration for yeaw’s 21st bd @ gasoline, serdang. It was a surprised party for him, hsheong putted effort in fooling him ard in south city plaza for an hour b4 reaching gasoline.. while da rest of us gathered at gasoline edy.. had some silly tasks for yeaw n his otha half, kah yee in order to get his present from vb afta dinner… keke…

Happie burfday buddy! Da party was planned by hsheong n me ;p

Da pics taken :

~ me n si fei zhu ;P~

~ da guys @gasoline, look at da bd boy! ~

~ vb in action, free style~

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