Saturday, July 19, 2008

2 for 1 burfday celebration

2 days ago, we went to Yatez for dinner - to celebrate pjoo and edmond's belated birthday!!

Yatez is in Sauchiehall street, next to chukoku. For those who hasnt been there, i rekon you to go there to have a meal. The prices are definitely reasonable. 2 main course for the price of 5.95 pounds! For that reason, many of us actually ordered 2 main meals for one person!!!!! But i shared 3 main meals with my soh poh - Beef Rogan Josh with rice, naan and poppadum, Scampi, peas and chips and cheese and ham burger with chips.

After the dinner, we have a wee party at birkberk 11B.

Kah yee baked a chocolate banana cake!

The 2 burfday dudes!

Pjoo is hoping for something hamsap, hmmmm...?

Happie 23rd burfday Tan FAKE joo!

Happie 23rd burday edmond, Lei kwai Hung!

Just a wee group picture :

the 9 of us

plus the 9 of them

But how come the total is only 16 geh? Burfday post GG.

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