Saturday, May 17, 2008

The reason for ex-robbers to reappear in JBC

I blogged about the threat to jbc - robbers a week ago.

I think there must be a reason for him/them to reappear in JBC.

You tau apa ni karh?

A police officer came yesterday morning, sending official letters to all important witnesses for the first jbc broke-in case back in February.

Erm i "mou fan" larh, but all my 7 friends were asked to attend a prosecution of this broke-in case at the end of this month.

Remember him - Gavin Deans, i tried google him because i thought if i am lucky, i might find a pic of him in bebo or friendster or etc and put it up for our juniors but i failed. To this particular idiot, once you make a mistake, you should face the appropriate punishment. Your friend didnt die after falling from 15m high was fortunate enough. Your 2 friends werent charged was good enough.

Wei, all being invited to be the main witnesses erh!!!!

So of cause, all of us sure get super Excited rite? Even im not one of the witnesses, but im getting very excited too. I can attend a court session in GLASGOW erh!!! and listen to all my friends giving evidence then. laugh at them. and finally blog about it. wahhhhhhhh!

How is it gona be? Is it like those show in the Hk tv series wan arh?


"Damn. Exams now erh, and how do we go there? It is not the one near glasgow green rite? Nani? @@"

And guess what? This was the FIRST thing that we were interested in :

Ohhh.. Can claim travel expenses wan erh! So we take a deeper look, in a hope that they pay per hourly salary also.

And we found this - A table explaining about the expenses that you can claim for such as Mileage allowances, Snacks and meals allowances and carer expenses.

For example, if you borrow a bicycle from ron, and you cycle there, you will get a rate of 7p x number of miles that you have cycled. Wait, do you know a mile also equals to 1.609344km? Which means, if you cycle 20km far (midvalley to one u), you get to claim 20km divide 1.609344 x 7pence = 86.99 PENCE. and that is not even 1 pound erh dai lou. zha dou rite?

Despite being so excited and all, one good/bad news brought in after ed made a call to the police officer.

The accused idiot has already pleaded guilty, so all of us actually do not need to attend the prosecution anymore lorh. DAMN SaD LARH WEI! such a good chance to see/experience something in glasgow.

Cheeeehhhh.... But good also larh, go in jail for another few more months after this. The reason to explain why we saw him a few days ago might be this - he was bailed out by his parents/friends/other kakis robbers and 1) he brought his friends to the incident place and shared the stupid-robbery-story with his friends or 2) he came with his kakis robbers to look for another oppurtunity to steal things, so that he can get to money to pay for the bail? nani?

Such a big miss for all of us.

What do you think about attending a prosecution/being a witness for the prosecution of a criminal case here in GLASGOW?


khaiyong said...

I think it would be quite an experience... just don't say the wrong things in court can already

ti3nD said...

haha yeah. and if the accused has no $$ to get a defending lawyer, he has the right to question the witnesses erh, its stated in the booklet. lolz...

CK said...

Really zha dao! So little $$$ provided meh? Anyway, can jimat back the time & do other more meaningful things.


~ming~ said...


"how do i claim expenses and what expenses can i claim"

i was wondering abt that too!! erm, yea, it'd be great to go and see how stuff works no? but do you know, if the guy kena for a few months, he'll only end up serving a few weeks if he's got 'good behaviour' in jail. and btw, i just googled him myself, and hahaha, your blog appeared! so if next time anyone googled him they'd know he was a robber lar.


ti3nD said...

ck : yeahlarh.. coz they mean to subsidize ur travel expenses nia larh. dont mean to give rewards wan larh. imagine u cycle 30km and u only get to claim like 1pounds plus nia. nani @_@

ming : erm we wont go dy larh, since the police already said dunid dy. wahhhh better dont release him out so early erh, that day he came back really duno for wat @_@ n yeah, i checked too after u said so, mine was the 19hit from google. lolz.