Saturday, May 10, 2008

Threat - JBC robbers


you tell me larh, why on earth would they ever wanna come back to JBC again?

Since the last incidenct of JBC first broke in, nothing bad happen except there was a serious fight last weekend near the library, where it involved death and serious injuries (non-JBC case).

I already damn tulan and sad over my cpp dy larh, why you idiots came back now?

Or mayb they were the same idiots that i was talking about earlier on - those/the one who threw stone at our windows last saturday's night?

Today, we saw them - the 2 thieves who broke-in back in february. 3 of them were doing something very suspicious at the back alley of our unit at about 8.20pm. After less than few minutes of noticing their existence, they walked pass through infront our unit and one bast*rd gave a funny look to pjoo (who is washing the dishes in the kitchen).

Eunice and adeline claimed that there were more than 3 people. There were about 8 in a group. Nani?

WTF ohhh?

What do they want from us??
1) looking for oppurtunity to break in again?
2) revenge?

ANymore possible reasons?
1) looking for old friends in jbc?
2) sharing the 'mistake of falling' with another thief?

F*cking idiots, you should feel fortunate because you didnt die after the fall from pjoo's room.

Damn it. Its our final now and we really need a peaceful enviroment to study.

The weather is getting very hot these days and thus everyone tend to open their windows all day round. Take note of that. Thanks to ky for the point.

Everyone, please be extra careful and inform your friends (esp to the guys staying at the basement and first floor) if you notice their appearance again. we will call the police. tq banyak banyak.


Lim Wei Meng said...

i already damn tulan with CPP. If they gonna do anything i guarantee they will end up in hospital.. *tulan*

ti3nD said...

these ccb punya neds.

we really this peaceful time to study man. those staying top, pls help us keep an eye on them while you are studying also larh.

kasih mereka gg larh.

CK said...

Wah liu... so dangerous in UK! Just dropping by... your old Malakoff racing mate! Cheers & better finish your exam soon!

ti3nD said...

haha ck. just hope that they dont come back again.

good to see you again!

zh1yong said...

if u caught them, whack them good then only call the police.. damn it!

ti3nD said...

yeah. i hope i could!!!