Monday, May 19, 2008

Kitchen Utensils for SALE!

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Hi juniors!!

My unit is selling off nice and good stuff which you really need it for your cooking and whatsoever... Just look at the pictures below...

Rice Cooker!!!

From left to right :
Grater, Chopper, Tongs, wooden spoons, ladle, knives and spatula

Sieves, spoons, forks and knives...

Big plastic container, buckets, a bin (keep rice), weighing scale, trolley, scrubbers and clothing drying stand

Pots and pans, chopping board and plastic containers.
There is a cooking wok too!! Its hidden at the back...


Pots and pans

Bowls and plates

The clothing drying stand is very important here.. You can dry your clothes easily by just hanging your clothes at the stand near the heater.. very worth it unless you are willing to pay around 0.60p everytime to dry your clothes...

The small black trolley as you seen above is really useful... You can put your 10-15 kg bag of rice on the trolley and pull it back to your hostel... Unless you are willing to carry or drag your rice bag for 2-3 kilometres from your hostel..

There is a wok too.. Its not easy to find a wok here.. but a wok is really useful here.. its easier to cook than pans... The chopper is useful too.. You need it to chop meat...

This whole set is suitable for 1 UNIT (4 people).... The price for the whole set is 65 pounds.. Pricing is negotiable..

For those that are interested, my name is Edi. Email me at

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