Friday, March 07, 2008

Thank you, for times final year survey volunteers!

Times Final Year Student Survey was a big achievement that i have made in Feb.

The blur queen - EYO received a call from the staff to check my work. Luckily she managed to recall TESCO! She was the only one being called to confirm the survey done. Thank you Eyo! I dont think you will read this, but when your hsemates read it, i hope they will thank you for me lur :)

- This is the power of blogging -

So again, i would like to Thank the following volunteers :

1) Steven Bell
2) Suz Jian
3) Hee Sheong
4) Darren
5) Wee Yeaw
6) Kah Yee
7) Dianna
8) Daphne
9) Tam ming
10) Kim hoe
11) Adam
12) Edmund
13) Phek Joo
14) Su Miin
15) Qristine
16) Ron
17) Desmond
18) Akmal
19) Wen Jiun
20) Kah yie
21) Sui lin
22) Hui Hoon
23) Lashvini
24) Eyo pei fong
25) Yi shan
26) Yi jie
27) Woon chin
28) Khang wern
29) Leah
30) Wei meng

On the other hand, during the swimming session, we (hs, sm, ed and i) recalled back the time we celebrated hs's burfday in vista swimming pool! That was the one, and only one time pool party. I couldnt locate my old blog entry, or did i not blog about it?

anyway - Lets go back to sem2, back to august in year 2005!!!

I recalled we had a big gang of people, celebrated in cheras cow boy. Yeah big, near 30 ppl.

I recalled that vyeaw n i were the best EVIL partners. THAT TIME. we are no longer evil now, after attached to a rship :) PEACE :) lolz.

I recalled that we played VERY crazily in the swimming pool. esp the guys.

I recalled that we (vy n i) ended up thorwing hs's slippers into the swimming pool, again n again. See, we are the last 3 to leave the pool that time. Young and energetic :)

Tadaeng - Introduce to you our taiko of VB gang...

Cow Boy @ cheras...

Red (stop if no police), Yellow (chiong faster) and Green (good to go) traffic lights!

Then, HS masuk VB gang, officially. Procedures to masuk gang :

And before i end,

THE 12 CHAO DIAO VB GANG members...

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