Friday, February 08, 2008

khang wern's 22nd burfday celebration-part A!

Its cho yat night now. its getting really late, 4.30am in the morning. i shud go to sleep dy. ko. jus pics. wil update tmr. PAISEH!


WE gave a suprise party to khang wern last fri midnight.I think it was a successful one, because when we CHIONG in and sang bd song to her, she immediately dashed into the room, LOCKED the door, n CHANGED CLOTHES LERH!!! @_@

There were carrot-chocolate-sponge-i-supposed, chocolate banana cake and fruits tarts made for the burfday gal. And the best thing is we get to eat them as well. hehe :p

Afta blah blah blah... its picture time with the burfday gal...

Then, ignore hazel, beware of the knife!! SHE CAN KILL. ah mek : i killllllllllll u!!

Hmmm, 2 noob playing the electronic piano, SPOTTED...

Next up, while all the guys were busy chatting in the living room, all the gals slowly disappeared from the living room. Walao. Guess what they are trying to do?


The "white horse prince seemeed steady, since all the heng dais will be assisting him..."

And the first request was expected, the gals requested for $$$$$$. haiiiizth. They then requested for 3 bananas. what the @.@

We offered 99p, n YES, it was REJECTED. they wanted a 3 digits. -_-"

SO we offered 999p this time, n obviously, YES, it was rejected as well.

What we did was to collect as much $$ as possible. And this was what we have done - Inserting as much 'paper $$, flyers, leaflets' as possible..



We didnt give up. Infact, we thought of a better way. We are not giving in anymore.

We kidnapped qris' favourite bear (its in smiin's hands) and we requested a negotiation session with them thru skype!!!!

Eventually, we failed again.............

We STILL didnt give up, we lured them with the 3 bananas this time. ALthough they were quite certain that it was a fake call, but they opened the door this time. sienz dy larh. haha.

tadaeeeng ~ the princess of the night...

and not to forget the " white horse prince "....

Eventually, it was ended after playing a 45mins long video slideshow by hazel. G.G

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