Sunday, February 10, 2008

khang wern's 22nd burfday celebration-part B!


Last sunday, we had a visit to Mussel Inn @ hope street and it was awesome!!! We made an early booking and so they prepared a conference-like-dining set up for us ----->

All of us ordered mussels as this is the main purpose that we came for. There are other seafoods like fish and chips, fresh oyster and scallops as well.

A portion of 1/2 kilos of mussels look like this :

And the 3 of us shared 3 different flavors of 1/2 kilos mussels :




It was really tasty!! it was so yummy n it was the first time i had so much of musselssss in one night. Kinda scary wei each of us ate 1/2 kilos. It costed us 5.3opounds each as we can eat as much bread as we like without paiseh and order tap water foc as we like.

a small advice : it would be perfect to order 2 x 1/2 kilos for 3 persons to share :)

A pic of burfday gal n i ---->

And a final group pic of all of us...

And the bill ------> 111.30 POUNDS! G.G

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