Wednesday, November 21, 2007

i need more TIME...

TIME isnt enuf, or did i spent it unwisely?

I woke up at 9am, leave my door open to wait for a registered mail, which was supposed to be delivered to me today. Skyped for a little while and posted a blog on ah bao's bd.

At 11.45am, i went for bleep test in sports hall. I was the 2nd earliest to reach. I tot i was in the wrong place at first and so i went down to the register to confirm again. There were a total of 30plus of participants. I AM THE ONLY CHINESE there! lolz.. It was the same test that i have done before back in msia. My performance has dropped! 5months plus no exercise erh, abo? i managed to hit level 10.6. My partner who is a 33yrs old male reached level 11.4, by the way he is one of the top runners. I did badly larh still lost to 6-7 ang mohs. I hope i will do better 3months later, although i have passed national player's requirement today.

Received a call from steph on my way to the post office. I bodoh bodoh go and accept the job since it was a good oppurtunity to work at lord todd. WRONG CHOICE. argue with lou poh becos of this too. -_-" Rushing like mad. Imagine that, my job starts at 1.30pm, i was still cooking maggi at 1.28pm. Anyway, it only took me 30secs to run to lord todd. lolz.

Came back to jbc at 5pm and vyeaw told me that the postman never appear today. -_-" i have decided to go there and collect straight.

Went out to groccery shopping with hs vy n ky after that. Jian is coming back tmr ;p the sladar is back hohoho! We bought so many things from sainbury's plus tesco.

It was dinner time when we came back. Back into the room, change to my shorts n start cooking together. After tonight 'char siao chicken', i decided to list the following dishes listed as the 'Top 3's cooking of the month' :

~ 2nd runner up jackasss potatoes topped with baked beans... ~

~ 1st runner up traditional chinese grilled chicken with paprika wedges ~

~ champion simple yet delicious char siew chicken! ~

Its already 9.15pm when i came back to my room after dinner. What have i done the whole day?

I have made several wrong decision throughout the day. And the good/bad thing is that i am working for eastern treat tmr also, together wit kim.

Gona take a shower n have some serious rest before meeting my soh poh when she wakes up later ;p

officially K.O o.O

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