Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Check this out!!

everything in 5mins!!!
i click on this website from a link on youtube, n now i really have high interest to continue browsing this page wheneva im free....

A trick for some free beer!

The power of photoshop!

wmeng, can we do this as well? haha...
mou heng king, lets say u see this gal online and she send u this edited pic n u get to meet her in real person on another time, i bet u sure go 'DENGgggGGGggG....!!'

For ladies!

its alwiz good to learn something, use ur bf as punching bag!!

A speed bag!

I have alwiz wanted to learn how to play with a speed bag.
I had the chance of touching it in the past but i lack the techniques......

Tkd highlights...

the terengganu sukma team captain is going for a big fight this weekend.
you better win! Good luck to him den - my bro.

1 comment:

Lim Wei Meng said...

that fella photoshop damn keng man!