Thursday, November 22, 2007

result for bleep test...

This was the msg i received from marcus in the email today...

" Congratulations!
Here are the Results of your ‘Multistage Fitness Test’ Score
(Level) = 10.6
Vo2 Max = 48.7 "

I was thinking, what the heck? @.@ what do you mean by Vo2 Max - 48.7, does that show that i am weak or wat? What is the range of being fit at my age?

So i went to look online, and i found the following to explain my fitness level... click here for more details...

After checking the table, my result was found in the excellent column for this time. Those who know me will say "alah, we expected that or he is a sportman woot..." but what i was thinking was that I know clearly that my peak time was over in years back ago. The 10mins shuttle run is definitely enough to k.o. me, if you wanna 'have fun' together, come join me in bleep test 3months later. It was quite surprised that i was able to reach level 10.6 in bleep test yesterday.

True enough, level 10.6 isnt easy. But i know i can do better. who can motivate me to exercise more besides my parents? i dont even motivate myself to do exercise.I also skipped the physical exercises that i used to do on my personal bed...i am jus too lazy to move. haha.

After everything, i think no one can understand me larh.. only zhuon can...but there is noway that he is going to read my blog, even if after i have requested him to just click on it but dont need to see the content....lolz...


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