Sunday, August 30, 2009

Earning extra income via blogging

Having to wait for the monthly income in order to spend happily is a painful thing. Thank you KhaiYong for lighting up the sparks in me (i havent updated my blog for a very long time, sorry people!) by sharing with me his positive views towards online marketing. He has all the reasons to stop working as a pharmacist and to start online marketing completely, or at least, partially.

Online marketing is definitely something that can bring you extra $$$. It is something which is actually working for me. I checked my paypal account recently and it has 56 pounds in the account. (i withdrawn all the money before i came back to Malaysia last November). Besides that, there is another 76 USD in my another paid post account.

I managed to write 3 posts this week. You will be surprised to find out that each post is worth such a big money!

1)17.50 USD, 200 words
2)15 USD, 200 words
3)5 USD, 100 words

Do the calculation now and immediately you know there are worth something.

Of course, i might not get as lucky as this all the time - 3 posts in a week, with 2 high-paid posts. I am not trying to show off or brag about anything here. I need the same group of people to motivate me in order to keep going, and be successful in online marketing one day. Do remember that writing paid post is just ONE way to earn via online, there are MUCH more in online marketing.

Last but not least, I promise my readers that i will write more creative posts besides writing paid posts.


r4 said...

this is something i gotta learn.. any tips on how to start..

Anonymous said...

mm.. strange style :)

Anonymous said...

и всё эе: превосходно... а82ч