Thursday, August 27, 2009

ADV - Join Stimulus Package for Free

I like watching football and absolutely love playing fantasy football. Now, what is fantasy football? It is a game whereby football fans use their ability in managing a football team to compete against each other. This is a game which relates to the actual performance of a professional football team. The main aim of the game is to select which team or player with the most outstanding performaces in a given time. A player of fantasy football controls a professional football team virtually by forming a team of players to compete against their friends or other online game-mates.

Here's the good news. offers "In Season" pass plus fantasy stimulus package for only $9.99 per year. It's a deal not to be missed! By paying only $9.99 per year, a player gets to know the real time football player alters via email, text and to their WaiverWire profile. Alternatively, one can actually sign up the fantasy stimulus package for free. The player will be alerted regarding player injury alerts, player news and filtered based on the player focus list. Another great thing about is the ability of the player to do player comparison. Some criterias include side by side stat comparison, player rankings by position and overall, defensive points allowed by position as well as historical and future stat comparisons. In addition to that, the player can also have access to the waiver wire’s fantasy social network, community forum and play guru challenge game.

Besides, i love watching NFL games too. My favorite NFL player of all-time is Michael Vick. He plays quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons team. He set a record of 15 rushes in a game at highest rushing 173 yards total. The other 2 NFL players to be included in my top 3 favourite NFL players would be Patrick Willis and Calvin Johnson.

In a nutshell, WaiverWire offers the latest real time news and fantasy football analysis with a reasonable sign up fees. Give it a try!


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