Friday, August 14, 2009

Ohhh Miiiii GOD

I came back from Hong Kong on Tuesday and i am curently working in out patient department (8am - 6pm). I used to have some negative feedbacks on certain frps but now the feeling is gone. They are much nicer than i thought. Lunch call today (12.15pm - 2.45pm) was quite relaxing. I took a 10mins quick break to eat my lunch (Jian brought lunch)and skipped my lunch break so that i could go back at 5pm. All out of sudden, an irrelevant news hit me at 4.50pm. (10 minutes before i get to go home, happily).

HSAJB update :
Passive call from 5pm to 8am for all prps starts today

Since i am doing TDM oncall tomorrow, so i will be doing the passive call (the 2nd white mouse) for that day. Which means,

1) i will work from 10am - 1pm on Saturday
2) passive call from 8am - 5pm on the same day
3) continue to work in patient on call from 8am - 5pm on Sunday
4) work in OPD 8am to 5pm on Monday
5) continue in A&E pharmacy from 5pm - 10pm and
6) finally 8am - 1pm in OPD on Tuesday
7) drive back to KL after 1pm

* Bonus * i will be attending a 2 hours Boxing class at Excite gym tomorrow after TDM on call.

All the possible bad words are coming out of my mouth at this moment......

How is passive call like???

I better stop thinking and getting worried about it.

A visit to the Giant's Buddha in Hong Kong is not sufficient!

I will need to pray harder.

Nah, who cares. Its dota time :)


Khai Yong said...

wah T_T

hows ur trip btw tien?

ti3nD said...

hey man. The passive call things changed to another TWO FREAKING SHIFTs for all prps and frps. Next month sure kena more on calls -_-"

Anyway, HK trip was great , will post about it sometimes later. hehe.