Saturday, January 10, 2009

ADV - Free online games for kids

At each and ever cyber cafe, i see people playing life for dead now. It is a popular game among the young kids now. It is a third person shooting game like counter strike. It is about zombie shooting and requires alot of teamwork. It allows up to 4 players can play LAN game or online multiplayer at the same time. It is really a nice game to play right.

Why do you want to spend money in a cyber cafe if you can play a similar shooting game for free via online? MEGA Brands Kids Zone offers many creative and exciting games for kids. There are a few genre of games available at the website, such as multiplayer games (Magnext Virtual, Neo Shifters Resistance and Treasure of the Lord Pyrate), Quests (Legends King Arthur, Dragons Krystal Warrior and Dragons Mountain), Shooting games (Dragons Metall Ages and Cmmand OPS), Racing games (Nano - Head to Head) and also intersting drawing game.

For kids who are looking for an exciting multiplayer game, do try out Magnext.

Your mission is to collect Magz and experiences in order to level up. During the game, you can challenge your friends or anyone online for some exciting mini games.

One example would be the icoaster challenge, where you have to be quick to choose the missing parts for a coaster track for the magnetic ball. If you can finish the quest at a desired time, you will gain alot of experiences.


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