Saturday, January 10, 2009

A short Genting Trip

School holidays just ended a few days ago. We (ah gong, ah mah, bro and i) took the booking for 888 deals and put a stay in Genting First World Hotel for a night 5 days ago.

2D1N stay + buffet breakfast for two at the price of RM38.80 Nett was definitely a good deal.

Initially i thought to park my car at the skyway station and take cable car to Genting Highland. However, it was closed and so i have to drive my 1.5CC proton wira all the way up. Well, it was not easy man.

We were greated with this big Choi Seng when we arrived.

Another useful tip for saving some money when you are at Genting would be getting yourself a holiday card. Check it out here. You can buy a RM 100 prepaid holiday card with the price of RM 85.

Dinner at 'Lao Di Fang' was a bad choice.

First, their Claypot Seafood Noodles tasted terrible, priced at RM 18.

It was very salty. We requested boiling water to be added but it was still the same. In the end, it was taken off from the total bill.

Can you believe that the picture shown below is actually called ASAM fish? RM 36 for that.

It tasted nothing like ASAM fish but more to sweet and sour fish. It was the best dish of the night though.

Next, the 'Ham Choy Kou Lou' was bad as well, priced at RM 20.

Last but not least, the varieble vege plate with brinjals, long beans, four seasons bean and some salted fish on top.

RM 20 for that was a bad choice.

So people, DONT go Lao Di Fang for dinner meal okay?

We missed to see the DREAMZ show as it is only available after 26 Jan 2009.

My bro is underage and somehow he was lucky and was allowed to go in to casino that night. Unfortunately, we have no beginner's luck and we lost RM 30 playing slot machines after 2 hours.

The buffet breakfast was good. There are much more additional food compared to last time.

What was he doing there?

And a final picture before we headed back home.

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