Monday, January 12, 2009


#Random fact No. 1

My family support NEW BALANCE very much compared to Nike, Reebox or Addidas.

6 out of 7 of my family members are wearing NEW BALANCE sport shoes.

4 out 6 pairs of sports shoes shown above are NEW BALANCE brand.

I was wearing my old Reebox shoes during the recent running events.

And my bro was wearing his sponsored shoes - Line 7.

Then i spotted another 2 pairs of New Balance shoes owned by two cousins.

Coincidentally, i bought myself a new pair of sport shoes just before i came back from glasgow.

Tadaeng - Welcome to join the New Balance team.

Random fact No. 2

My mum is a very good cook. She can cook very 'jeng' bak kut teh.

She didnt just cook for 4 persons, but she cooked for 16 persons in the house.

Besides that, the 'yau char kuey' she made was delicious too.

I wish i had learnt from her the recipe to make yau char kuey earlier on.

Random fact No. 3

To cook steamed toufu, my mum suggested to put 2 eggs plus 2 bowl of water for a perfect bowl of steamed toufu. Sam suggested to put the amount of water according to amount of eggs, i.e. if we use 2 eggs, then we use the 2 empty shells of the eggs to measure water, the result was not that good. Where as my housemates and i will go 'all random' when we were at glasgow.

To my housemates : Last time we didnt put enough water that is why the texture was so weird!

Random fact No. 4

It was quite interesting to exchange gift with family members during Christmas.

X'mas gift exchange with family members have earned myself a famous amous cup with some cookies.

Random fact No. 5

In Dota, many said that AR = ALL RUN rather than all random because many will choose to leave game when they have randomed some heroes that they dont want. CELAKA betul!

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