Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Free entrance to Gym and swimming pool

Woooow, Free entrance to Gym and Swimming pool till 13 October - that was really a good news!! :)

My membership has expired. Another problem is with my student card, it has expired as well. But so far none of the gym staffs realised - means i can continue exercising for free.

Three purposes for doing exercise - to abort my 16-month-old tummy (16 months represents the duration of having it, not the size lol), to prepare myself for upcoming Genting Trailblazer (wei 14km run in Awana jungle, gg lorh) and to teman my loupoh (or rather she teman me to exercise?:P), for as long as my body can bear it (at least sampai the free entrance period over).

Hey people, how long do you take to complete a 5 km run?

Oh man, my performance has dropped. Tummy is getting bigger and rounder. -_-"

I used to complete a 5km run on road within 22 mins but today i finished it on a treadmill with a time of 27mins 30 secs. The girl running beside me who started the run at the same time with me was only 400m behind me after 13 mins of running! That was really unbelieveable. I was shocked because she managed to follow my pace for almost 13 mins! I memang know dy wan - Should have forced her to run more during imu cup 2006.

- Those Times -

Young and enegertic


- These Times -

Young, still and more energetic 游山玩水 (cross mountain, play with water)

An important fact - although chohuiyin is very lazy to exercise but never never doubt her stamina and determination to win a race.


huiyin said...

why is my face so chubby already...

ti3nD said...

haha too much tao kee noi dy :P