Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ADV - Signs of early menopause

Many people might not be concerning about the problem of early menopause, yet researches has shown that there is a proportion of one in a hundred women who experiences the symptoms of early menopause. This also includes women in their early twenties.

What is the definition of Early Menopause?

Many people might be confused over the term between premature menopause and early menopause. Well, premature menopause is used when menopause happens before the age of 40. Premature menopause can be induced or it just happened naturally. Where as early menopause is used when menopause happens between the age of 40 and 45. There might be several causes - earlier failure of the ovaries might occur naturally or one has her ovaries removed surgically or failure of ovaries to function normally due to chemotherapy used in treatment of cancer. Women who enter menopause at their early age will have symptoms identical to women of normal menopause, the most common being hot flushes. Other symptoms include emotional problems, tiredness, depression, forgetfulness, difficulty to sleep, vaginal dryness, lack of self esteem, weaker bones, loss of libido, painful intercourse and decreased sex drive.

So what is/are the solution(s)?

Treatment is usually long-term hormone replacement or check out Magnopulse healthcare products. The LadyCare is a drug free product that attacthed comfortably to your underwear to reduce or completely eliminate the symptoms of menopause.

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