Saturday, October 11, 2008

Speed is the solution

"The gym will be open for free until this Sunday"

That was the reason which draws almost everyone to exercise recently. The gym was very packed. The swimming pool was crowded too. I have to queue for my turn to swim the other day. Speed is the solution.

I seriously love swimming. I feel very happy because i have achieved something from each swimming session. For instance, i am finally able to swim confidently in breast stroke for laps after mt last training yesterday. This is what we called 'from zero to something'.

Today, although it was heavily pouring, but i still dragged my sah poh to go to the gym with me.

So we did the 5km run again. My time was 26 mins (as compared to 27mins 30secs on Tuesday) and my sah poh clocked 30 mins (vs 31 mins on Tuesday). WOW. She is an insane runner man. Seriously, that was a good time for 5km. Tell her she is good. I seriously need to train alot more to hit my target - 20 mins for 5km. Yeap again, speed is solution.

Internet speed here is insane, especially during the night time, up to 1.40mb/sec. Im starting to worry about internet speed in Malaysia although i am still in glasgow now. I asked my bro to try download single part of a movie using rapidshare - he told me the speed read merely 30kb/sec. (maybe because my house uses a router?)Oh god. -_-" Definitely, speed is the solution.


I have came across this series of pictures of Beckham and Victoria entitled "Its okay Beckham, we understand..." Click to Englarge

Even for kap lui, speed is the solution. -_-"

Seriously, Ke-GiGian.


huiyin said...

yeah go on..tell the world i'm good LOL
no guy can take their eyes off ladies as hot as that, what's more he's david beckham...


ti3nD said...

apalarh. conclusion - mens are mens. :)