Sunday, August 03, 2008

Roti canai - i heart

How much is 'sekeping of roti canai' in malaysia???

Rm2 in a super-high-class-style-mamak right?

The price in glasgow is the same, just that it is in pounds, not ringgit malaysia.
It was 2 pounds when i dined in rumours in April. Then it rises price to 2.20 pounds when i dined there last tuesday.

Yes, just this freaking piece of roti canai, cost 2.20 pounds = RM 14.30

That is the case. When you crave for it, you want to eat it. So, this packet of roti canai (also known as roti paratha) was bought in seawoo - 6 keping for the price of 1.50 pounds.

And you know, they are made from malaysia -_-"

Each keping is nicely separated with plastic wrap.

And you know, im not only craving for roti canai, but i want to have a taste of roti telur. So there i go, i beaten an egg.

The cooking part is simple - just put them into a pan, fry the roti for several minutes (until golden brown both sides)

Ready to be served - Roti telur. lolz.

And this is me on a sunday morning, eating roti canai with a cup of hot milo, NOT TEH TARIK LARH OF COURSE. DENG. @_@

My friend, i know in malaysia you guys can eat really cheap + jeng roti canai, not only that, you can eat alot of different roti + maggi goreng + teh tarik. Sobs sobs.

So in order to overcome my craving, i google about it. I remembered darren google about 'pasar malam', 'prawn mee', 'mang jiang kuih' during our lab session with blair erh! We had a 2 weeks long session with mr angelic blair.

And so here is what i got :

According to wikipedia "Roti canai (pronounced "chanai," not "kanai") is a type of flatbread found in Malaysia. It is identical to the Singaporean roti prata and a close descendant of Kerala porotta."

Standard from any mamak - Roti canai with curry sauce

Roti canai with different curry dips


Tosai with egg

The common variations of roti canai include:

roti telur, with fried eggs (telur being the Malay word for egg)
roti tisu (tissue bread), a paper thin and flaky roti. Also called roomali roti, from roomal (Hindi, meaning handkerchief).
roti bawang (onion bread)
roti boom (bomb bread), a smaller but thicker roti
roti planta, stuffed with margarine and sugar.
roti sardin, stuffed with sardine and sometimes mixed with ketchup or sambal, similar to murtabak

Some consumers may also order their own variation, such as :

roti telur bawang, with eggs (telur) and onions (bawang)
roti kaya, with kaya
roti tampal, similar to roti telur but the eggs are sticked on the outside instead
roti tuna, stuffed with tuna
roti cheese, with cheese added
roti milo, although not common, some consumer requested that the roti is sprinkled with milo powder

Out of all variations, i think a standard meal with roti canai, curry sauce and a cup of teh tarik will definitely satisfy me.

I NEED to go mamak when i reach malaysia a few months later.


Kenny Choo said...

Can bukak mamak d! lol charge in pounds somemore...haha

ti3nD said...

yalarh @_@ kenot larh, no interest. go mamak nicer, anywhere also got :P find u yum cha yeah when i go back... hehe.