Sunday, March 30, 2008

lunch @ Rumours

Lunch @ Rumours with angelic Blair and Rachel

Rumous - A malaysian style cafe, it is said to be opened by the sister of Asian style's owner. Known to serve great food, everybody just want to have a taste of it. Or is it just a rumour?

We decided to give our supervisors a treat since they helped us alot during the 2 wks long lab session. We, the modellers finally arrived @ Rumours on 26th March with Blair and Rachel. Mel didnt turn out due to gastritis. And the devil-ish Simon ffk too, kononnya ada meeting last minute worh. @_@

Something unexpected happened when we arrived.

Not because got bouncers standing outside like this larh!

Darren and I made the booking last saturday and they denied it. My name was written on the booking list but she claimed that she didnt write it to Darren. It was so packed at that peak hour. We have no choice but to wait. Blair and Rachel took the chance to go lepak then.

Darren was dragged out by the 2 bouncers then. He replied : "Wo dou bu zhi dao???"

We stood there for almost 45 mins before there were enough empty seats to fit the 14 of us! yes 14 of us!

Everyone of us ordered the lunch set @ 6.50 pounds. KONONnya 3 course lunchtime special - including a starter, main meal and a coffee/tea.

Here are the most famous starters from Rumours -

Chicken Satay

Vegetables Spring Rolls

Roti Canai

You will never guess the price correctly. How about take a wild guess of a piece of roti canai in Ringgit Malaysia?

I have a taste of both chicken satay and half a piece of roti canai. WaLAOYeah! I WanT those taste!!! taste AWESOME! :)

Next, move on to main course - Wat Tan Hor, Nasi Lemak, Char Kuay Teow and many more.


DENG! Im very disappointed with the portion size paid with this price. I was told that they serve very big serving and their food taste like heaven. But it was so wrong!

We ordered a plate of Rojak and 2 cups of Pearl Tea for Blair and Rachel too.

When we noticed that they only take A FEW SIPs of the pearl tea and they left almost the whole cup untouched in the end, we felt damn SAM TONG. DAI LOU, 2.50 pounds/cup erh!!

You should seriously understand why guys were complaining about the portion size. This is what i call big portion.

Nasi Lemak from Asian Style

Nasi Lemak from Rumours

WEI.. DAMN SIAP on giving curry sauce okay!!!

Wat Tan Hor from Asian Style


Wat Tan Hor from Rumours

You will never know HOW LITTLE they were until you touch them with your chopsticks!!

Later on, we realised that the initial BIG portion was meant for dinner, i.e. a normal meal, BUT NOT FOR SET LUNCH.

The prices are similar WITH MALAYSIAN food back in Malaysia, just that they are all in pounds now.

1 keping of Roti Canai = 2pounds = Rm 12.80 WTFFF hor??

1 piece of Egg with sambal = 3.80pounds = rm 24.30 WTTFFFx2????

And guess what? Despite all the bad comments for Rumours - long wait, small portion sizes, bad attitudes of the waiters (comments from gals), we received a 20% discounts in the end. They finally admitted that it was their mistake in booking and so they gave us this special discount. 22 pounds less erh!!! not bad not bad :P

And a final-happie-family pics!

P/S : Itu Rachel bukan Blair punya wife okay? She is just a modeller working for simon and blair.

Rumours - Malaysian 'Cafe Style' Restaurant

21 Bath Street

Tel : 0141 353 0678

Opening Hours : 11am - 11pm

An advice for guys - TAKE THE NORMAL MEAL.
and for gals - yeah, you can take set lunch for variety of food.

and rmb to Bring your student ID for a 10% discount from them!!!!

More modellers pics can be found @ my facebook


Kenny Choo said...

Whoa, with that price, you can dine in KLCC for roti canai... I rather die than eating that...haha I heard apples is cheap there...If I'm there that will be my staple food. Haha

ti3nD said...

yeap absolutely rite. not bad quality apples @ 6 for 0.49 pence = rm 3.14 = rm 0.52 per apple.

that is reasonable i guess :P

Kenny Choo said... the urban legend is true.. Apple pie, apple tart, apple crumble, apple rice, apple this and apple that... haha

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new to your site as I just googled "Rumours" to find out where it is in Glasgow and your blog came up. If you happened to be in Birmingham, do pop in to Malaysian Delight. It's little restaurant/cafe (well it used to be but last I heard, they've extended their premises) and they served really good char kuey teow and nasi lemak too. Bigger portions I would say to what I've seen in your pics. Also, occasionally, if you're lucky, they have really good (and big sized) curry puffs. The cafe is very near the vege market in Birmingham city centre and is opposite Day In supermarket (in the Arcadian).

ti3nD said...

hiya, thks for your comment! unfortunately, im back to Malaysia a month ago!!! haha. anyway, the char kuey teow in Rumours was very big, definitely enough for one person. Hope my juniors who visit Brimingham later on get a chance to visit Malaysian Delights! :)