Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dining at Rumours in Glasgow

Rumours @ bath street has the second best chinese food in glasgow after Asian Style. We were late by 30 mins for the 3 course set lunch, and we failed to persuade the aunty to let us dine for the set lunch.

So, all 4 of them ordered tomyam with rice. There are 2 types of tomyam available - a bowl of seafood tomyam @ 3.80 pounds or a bowl of chicken tomyam @ 3.50 pounds. It is good to go with egg fried rice (2 pounds) or plain rice (1.50 pounds).

The tomyam was good - according to the 2 tomyam experts - yin + yen, and the other 2 who likes tomyam - hueywen and shianyi

Initially i want to order fish head noodles (yu tao mi fen) because many give good comment on that, but unfortunately there is none for today. Take a guess what i actually had?

Its PRAWN MEE!!!!!!!!!!! The prawn mee is super jeng. Very nice!!! Highly recommended for those who loves prawn me! Although, 6.80 pounds (rm 44.20) for a bowl of prawn mee is freaking expensive, but since i have high level of cravings over prawn mee since i left malaysia, i was willing to pay for it. p/s: : aunty said they only sell prawn mee during weekend or mon or tuesday only.

Rumours - Malaysian 'Cafe Style' Restaurant

21 Bath Street

Tel : 0141 353 0678

Opening Hours : 11am - 11pm

Next, we went jalan-jalan in sauchiehall street.

OMG!! what was i doing?

There is this shop called Easy Way, selling the taiwan very da famous bubble tea (Pearl Milk Tea).

Its 2.50 pounds for a bubble tea. There are many kinds of tea such as relish tea, straight tea, milk tea or ice blended fruit juices, all available at 2.50 pounds.

The shop is located inside a complex, next to carphone warehouse in Sauchiehall Street. Give it a try okay?


Unit 20 Savoy Centre

140 Sauchiehall Street

Glasgow G2 3DU

Tel : 07838150587

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