Friday, August 15, 2008


The resit results were released today! Pp3 result was out. I am not too sure about other subjects.

Anyway, godlike congratulations to Adam and Akmal for passing pp3!!!

Welcome to the world of pharmacy! Anyone had interview regarding placement liao?

Another hero that i want to congratulate is Michael Phelps! Congratulations!

Greatest Olympian: America's Michael Phelps has won his fourth and fifth gold medals in Beijing and his 10th and 11th overall

He is the hero of Olympic games that we are not going to forget. He takes the gold medal tally to 11 to become the greatest olympian of the world.

I am pretty sure that he will try his very best to claim the next 3 gold medals in order to reach his dream of achieving 8 gold medals in beijing olympic games 2008.

Check out the updated medal tally table :

Will China continues to lead and takes the overall champion?

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xh said...

can check d interview procedures in details at huiming's blog :)