Saturday, August 16, 2008

ADV - C'elle stem cell research to cure disease

Stem cells are cells which are able to regenerate via mitotic division and differentiate into many different kinds of specialised cell types. It has been proven that they are able to develope into different types of muscle tissues and nerve tissues, hence they are use widely in medical treatments.

Want to know more About the Science of stem cell? A recent research has shown that vital stem cells can be extracted from body's menstrual fluid of a menstrual cycle of a woman. It is known widely as C'elle. Those stem cells found are unique because they have similar characteristic to embryonic stem cells and bone marrow, hence showing great promise in clinical regenerative therapies in combating many diseases.

There are several clinical uses of placental or adult stem cells in treating diseases, such as Alzheimer's, blood and liver disease, different types of cancer (breast, brain, ovarian, renal, testicular), diabetes, melanoma, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord damage and many more.

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