Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Together we fight Alzheimer disease

After spending 4 years studying pharmacy course, I have learnt and became more aware of any important precaution to take to combat any one disease.

Alzheimer is a disease that is related to the progressive reduction in cognitive function, mainly due to disease or damage to the brain, beyond what is normally happening from aging.

Our parents are at risk. Researches showed that it affected most individuals over age of 65.

Are you aware of all these things?

Well, if you are living in the United State, there is something that you can do!

Lets join the Alzheimer's Memory Walk to raise awareness about the disease. It also serves to raise funds for support and care for alzheimer patients around the world.

There will be alot of charity walk going on around 600 communities. Each charity walk will be 2-3miles long, which will be held in on weekend during the fall.

Remember that there is a purpose for any of us to join the walk - we want to save all the alzheimer patients or better still, to prevent one from getting alzheimer. Lets keep moving as the caption of the charity walk said "Together, we can MOVE a nation."

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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