Monday, July 21, 2008

Edinburgh is a nice place to visit!

Preview of a day tour in Edinburgh :

1) I found a dispending pharmacy in royal mile street. Anything special?

Interestingly, the number plate of the pharmacy is stated 67. Dont you get what i mean? nvm if you didnt :P

2) Can you guess where am i?

I am lying in one prison room in edinburgh castle.

3) Do you like the sun or you hate it?

Trying to make full use of the sun to take a shot with my shadow and my loved one's shadow.

4) What is the best thing to do with the big canon?

Simple - I sit, I hold tight and I SHOOT. lolz.

5) What would you do when you get up to Calton Hill?

I jump. Its worth to go up calton hill although we just finished chinese buffet.

Conclusion : i really like Edinburgh. How about you?

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