Tuesday, July 08, 2008

An outing for the 4 of us

The weather isnt with us today. The weather has been good all day round when i went out to drop my c.v. It started with dizzling when we first decided to leave jbc and it followed with moderate rain. We have no choice but to take some shelter near queenstreet station.

After about 10mins of waiting, the rain got smaller and we proceed our way to our destination - The Mussel Inn.

We ordered 3 x 1/2 kilos of mussels, with morrocan, blue cheese and shallots flavors, and also a seafood plater to be shared by the 4 of us :

The 2 of us here :

And the 2 of them over there :

And the all 4 of us together :

It was still drizzling when we left mussel inn. We were lucky to see rainbow over the building with clock near one buchanan street junction. And of course, we stopped and snapped a few shots before we proceed on to our next destination.

As initially planned, we proceed on to Gala Casino - To grab at least 5 pounds each and to enjoy some free flow of cocktails as a newly registered member.

Everything just went on smooth and nice as planned. In Gala, everything was F.A.S.T!!!

The registration was FAST! It only takes you less than 3 minutes to fill in your personal details. Malaysian driving license or passport is valid for age verification. After registration, immediately, i was given a member card and a 10 pounds roulette voucher.

Then we proceed on to the gambling area at the basement. I can say that it was quite normal last night. At least, you see some people playing at each table. Blackjack, pokers, texas or roulette. Initially, i was told that it was really quiet even during a busy friday night.

After wandering around for quite sometime, looking at how people place their bet, finally we proceed forward to place our bet with our 40 pounds of vouchers. In the end, we won some chips which are to be changed into real money later on. I bet many of you already figure out the way to get the 'confirmed 5 pounds' from Gala. :P

We were told that we can get complimentary cocktails FOC also. So, we went on and ordered one cocktail each and snapped some shots INSIDE the casino before we leave.

Loupoh's Ladyluck which cost freaking 6.75 pounds! Tasted not bad though.

The very leng zai bartender doing his job :)

My lemonade jack daniels.

The rest are some final shots before we leave Gala Casino, with smile :)

Gala Casino, GG-ied.

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