Friday, July 04, 2008

What do you do with your coins?

Guys, are you aware that this one whole packet of 2 pence is equivalent to one pound coin only?

equivalent to -

I have lots of coins. No kidding you.

You can actually trade them into pound coins or GBP notes if you have a little patience to sort them out nicely.

They all belong to my lou poh and i -

We spent the one whole hour to pack them into plastic bag accordingly. You can get the empty plastics from RBS bank.

It is very fun to sort them out and pack them up. You will be glad to find out how much of money they are actually worth!!

And here is what i got the next day :

Unbelievable huh? 60 pounds + 7 pound Gala Casino Chips (Ai-lynn gave me last year) - bank doesnt want to accept them, what to do?

Okay, by the way, i have some interesting info to share here. According to one friend, there is a promotion from Gala Casino right now - that you can be waived of registration fees and you can join Gala Casino in merchant city for free, plus you will be given a 10 pound coins to start with.

So i went online to check them out of course. Unfortunately, i didnt get enough info regarding the registration process.

Here is a table showing the minimum and maximum bet on one game :

And there is this page saying "Join free, play today", where it contains all the basic info that you will need to help you get started with Gala Casino.

Anyone, Gala casino?


gambling online said...

that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

lottery winners said...

Interesting topics could give you more visitors to your site. So Keep up the good work.

xinhui8810 said...

hey go gala casino & change to token le..

xinhui8810 said...

additional info.. go join gala in pairs.. get the 10 pounds for roulette and bet for black and red.. so 50% sure win back 10 pounds then share among the 2 of u :) hehe.. extra income..

ti3nD said...

haha thks xinhui. we got that info earlier on. and will share this good news before they ban new people betting in pairs. lolz.