Thursday, July 10, 2008

Come and Flirt

Confidence is the key of attraction to a certain extent. It is important to stay confident to potray how you actually carry yourself infront of your friends and in public.

Have your heard about the game called Ultimate Flirting Championship?

The game is organized by Extreme Style by VO5. It is a rather fun game guys. You get to choose a gender and wait for another 2 people to online to join your room. While waiting for other people to join, you will be taught some flirting tips. I found these two here very interesting.

Flirt tip 94 - Say the other person name alot. Make sure you know the correct name!

Flirt tip 65 - When you have nothing to say to your partner, pretend saying something that is exotic, such as icelantic!

Then, you will be brought into a three person chatting room - and it is therfore so called 'threesome'! :P

Next, you get to choose the avatar of your character. My first pick was a female character. Got into a room with another 2 guys. I get to pick 5 questions for them to answer. Each of them require to type an answer and i choose the best answer.

Eventually, you get to choose who to be the winner, and that is the time i got my Victory Hair. Thus, the winner and you will then enter a personal chatting room for more flirting session. haha! Unfortunately, the guy left right after the game.

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If you are too free and would like to flirt around, then go ahead and play it!

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