Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chicky is set to go

INTRODUCE to you my new router - DIR 300, from DLink.

Finally, both my lou poh and i are able to go online, at the same time, using the university's connection with this piece of router.

It was not hard to gather all the pieces and put them up. You see?

But the setting up took me a hard time. There is this quick installation CD but it didnt work. In the end, i seek help from customer service from Dlink website, and the response was fast - i received a step-by-step guide from them the next day! Efficient betul man!

I managed to connect to the router on one comp. Set up an access point. A wireless network, namely, chicky is ready to be used! Why chicky? cos Chicky is one of my nick! :p

However, it was not that simple. You can connect to the wireless network but not the internet. After a wee chat with edmond, some hints entered my mind.

So this morning, i spent almost another 2 hours to figure it out. For each computer that connects to the wireless network, you need to access the router website as well.

So how far can my wireless signal go? How strong?

Well, not really too sure, but i guess anyone in block G should be able to see if they on their wireless. How about block H? Shouldnt be a problem also. The speed is standard - 54mbps, the closer, the strongest.

So anyone who still staying in JBC and needs an internet connection, try chicky - but be sure to get the access point password from me first okay? :)

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